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March 22, 2007



I'm glad your son avoided the scam. I guess I'm naive, but I don't understand people who scam others, either in real life or games like WoW. It really is a pity that Blizzard don't seem to be doing anything about it either. Not that I have any solutions to the problem.


Reply to the COD with a COD for 5000g. I heard it worked for one guy and Blizz was cool with it :P


I received nearly the same in game mail! Only mine was for a 5 stack of copper ore. The mail said something to the effect of a rare vendor would be coming into Azeroth-no date listed or city of course- and that this token-the ore- was all I needed to claim my in game prize-no prize listed-. The COD was for 300g and I remember looking at the mail and thinking to myself "this is going to work on allot of players".

I'm glad your son didn't have 600g because I can only imagine how pissed off he would have become the moment the gig was up. Kudos to you on winning the argument with your daughter acting as proxy. :)


doh, sorry for the double post. computer glitched

Capn John

I got almost the exact same in-game mail (don't recall what my "prize" was), and I'm sure we're not all on Kilrogg so "they" are obviously working the Scam across the realms. I like S4dfish's idea about responding with a COD of your own. I'm going to have to remember that one next time. I think I'll COD back a Runecloth Bag and say it's filled with the Nexus Crystals they said they'd buy from me >:)


LOL @S4dfish and Capn, that is a great idea! I will do that next time. I didn't get the emails on my server. My son is on Illidan.

It's sad and funny, that WOW has been such a huge success that this kind of behavior is wide spread because RMT nets a return. I'm sure RMT happens in EQ2 but I don't hear about scams. I never played for long stretches of time so maybe I just didnt hear about them.


That line your daughter said was probably the funniest thing I've ever heard a child say.

"Haha, mommy was right nub."

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