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February 10, 2007



Interesting viewpoint. The downloads issue is a big one. It would be nice if Blizzard would get on that. I do hope your friend does try and go out on her own here and there - she may be surprised!


Great post...

On the killing...just remember that these are digital 1s and 0s you're "killing", nothing more, nothing less. Its like erasing your hard-drive :)

I hope you stick with it.


Interesting post, I would agree on most of her thoughts on the game. But I think the "killing" isn't a big deal. If you think about it, killing has and will always be apart of human (on earth....) history. War? Murder? Suicide? Of come to terms with the fact humans are savage. So anything "killing" related isn't as a big deal to me as it is to her.


Oh, and I hope she sticks with the game, too!!

o_o? (in previous post by me) Of = I've
I dunno where I messed up on that, hahaha.

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