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January 28, 2007


DM Osbon

Both Azuremyst Isle & Bloodmyst Isle have been such a great breath of fresh air that I have stayed there leveling my Shaman to 16. I just love the place & happy that I quest here from the start. Strangely it feels like home more than even Goldshire/SW ever did.


Looks beautiful, while I personally am in no rush to level right up there (my gals are in the 20's and the ones I've put on hold for now in the late 40's) I don't even know where the 'portal' is.... yes, I'm that clueless to the game some times *chuckles* I'm sure I'll find my way eventually though, I've been having a blast playing my blood elves.


@Star - The Dark Portal is in the Blasted Lands. You get a flight point to that area in Nethergarde Keep, then you ride south and you'll run into a crater. The Portal is down in the crater.

A couple of times I leveled toons in to the 40s one after the other. Don't think I'll do that again because you end up questing in the same areas back-to-back which for me, made it feel too much like grinding. I ended up abandoning one of them because I just couldn't stomach doing the same quests anymore. Now I make sure to leave like 20 or more levels in between so that when I got back to that toon it doesn't feel so much like I'd just been there.


BC for me has been a blast as well! My friend and I are taking the casual route this time around, instead of flying through the content as fast as possible.

I dinged 61 yesterday, and when my friend said he was going to log for the night, I promptly tried to bribe him with a weeks supply of coffee in exchange for him staying logged in until 3am. it didn't work... lol

I especially like the bombing quests as it is fun to rain death down upon mobs that can't possibly touch me. :) On a side note, I have a new enemy that I can't wait to stomp on: Fel-Reavers.... Grrrr.... I haven't hated a mob this bad since the Devilsaurs out in Ungoro Crater.


I see you've been to Hellfire Peninsula. This is the "boringest" of all the Outland zones (imho).

I'm geeking in anticipation when you come to see:

Terrokar Forrest
And the city Shatthrah

-- Minor Spoiler --
I can't wait for your views when you are asked to use a trampoline to get to the quest item eggs... :)


@ Aimed...If Hellfire is the most boring then I can't imagine what's in store. I usually dont quest much. I just kill everything around me and if it happens to be part of a slay quest all the better. Anything that's not, get's abandoned. I hate running in circles for crap. But I haven't been doing that with BC yet. They've clustered so many quests in the same zone and the objective locations are nearby so I've been doing a ton of quests.

I've been to Shattrath to get an easy FP to portals. But I didn't want to take pictures yet because it's way out of your the leveling sequence. I had to hold myself back from running of the roads on the way there to see the little villages, enclaves and camps I saw along the road. Terrokar Forrest looks wonderful. I can't wait until it's time for me to be in that zone.


@ Wolf...I also dinged 61 already and am more than half-way to 62. I'm not rushing. I just can't stop playing. :-) But I'm out of rest bonus xp so I'll probably park my priest tomorrow and spend some time on my Shaman.


I also made a Draenai and I don't know why but I will say that the visuals for the blood elves and the draenai are absolutely breathtaking.


@ Deshuzz...I really do like the Draenai starter area. Can't wait to see what's up the road. I think my new favorite thing to kill is going to the Blood Elves. They are annoying beyond measure. *Smile*

I used to love putting the smack down on Defias and Pirates. Pirates will probably still be at the top. However, my pointy-ear brothern will be favorite victim #2.


P.S. I considered doing a BE if I ever wanted to replace my Warlock. But I don't think that's going to happen now. That place gives me a headache! I can't take the bright colors and there's something about shocking orange that makes my eyes bleed. After 10 minutes I was squinting like there was a persistent glare. I hated that place.


Your Night Elf is soo hot.

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