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January 21, 2007


Capn John

Actually if you get to the Outlands on your 60 and do the entry level quests, you'll pick up some very nice Blues & Greens that are very similar to T1 & T2 gear. I haven't upgraded my Amulet of the Darkmoon or my Dragonstalker's Helm yet, but I'll be upgrading my Dwarven Hand Cannnon very soon with a Green XBow (Quest Reward). I've even upgraded my GS Gloves (Tier 1) with Blue Gloves.

Low-level Outlands gear really is superior to almost everything but T2+ gear


Ahhhh nuts, sorry to hear that Lauren. John is right though, get to outlands and hit the instances there and you'll forget all about this nasty little experience.



Ugh that really sucks.

I've never been hacked before (thank goodness) but I know if I logged into eq2 one day and found all of my exceptionally hard earned gear gone, there'd be heads rolling. I've never had issues with blizzards customer service and they've returned characters that I've had deleted for 8 months or so, it's a shame they couldn't help you with this issue, and the shamless plug for TBC is just .... annoying at best. =/


Wow, I'd be incredibly pissed about this...I'd probably refuse to ever give them another dollar.


Sorry they aren't going to restore any of your items. I live in fear of logging and finding all my characters naked. I hate to say it but WoW is so popular that people can make a lot of money by putting keyloggers in copies of popular addons. I believe a couple were even linked back to curse-gaming and had to be removed.


Well, it does suck, but the silver lining is that you actually can replace at lot of your gear with good stuff in a few hours in Outland.

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