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January 31, 2007



Huh? A weekly podcast....you kinda just slid that one in, didn't ya :)

Awesome news! I'll be first in line to download it.


*grins* Sounds like you're about to have a whole lot of fun *smirks*


Kudos on sucking a RL friend into the virtual emotional roller coaster that is WOW. Every one of my RL friends who has tried out the trial version of WOW ended up a subscriber within 4 days. lol

The RP-PVP server should make for some great laughs as oxford the lvl 70 assassin ganks your friend at level 36. /evil grin


Wow...that's totally evil....


I've pushed a few friends down the rabbit hole myself.


She started the download last night and almost had a cow when it estimated the completion time at 30 hours. She emailed this morning to say that it completed about 30 minutes after she woke up but that didn't include any of the "patching" I was talking about and she wondered how would she know if it was patched.

If she's able to complete the patching tonight we should be making our first foray together into WOW this evening.


On a PvP server? That's like learning to swim in a shark tank.


Honestly, the best way to learn how to play WoW (in my experience) has been to start off on a pvp server. You get used to the ganking fast, learn how to survive, and learn your class or suffer. I've been playing off and on since release (and a 47 hunter / priest / druid are my highest) and I couldn't ever see myself going to a pve server after the mad joys of taking down someone a few levels higher then me who just simply doesn't know their class.


Hello and thanks for a great blog! I have read many posts now and i like the "tone" of what you write.

Talking about learning to play WoW is an interesting topic. I have invited myself a few friends (and rejected a couple since I feared for their social life *grins*) and none have actually stayed. I think that there is a problem that the ammount of new players slowly dicrease and the majority of the low lvls are alt chars. This makes it even harder for a totally new player to actually find their way into the community.

/target blog owner


I did PVP because all of my characters are on PVP servers so if she decides she likes it, we need to be where I can still have access to my other toons, especially my BC Shaman which I have no intention of abandoning.

I started on PVP servers so that's all I know and the low level zones aren't nearly as contested as they were before the BGs. Even if she finds that she likes the game, I'm not sure WOW is the best fit. EQ2 has other aspects that are more immersive that I think would appeal to her, such as player housing and a more detailed crafting system. I started with WOW only because it's the easiest to learn.


@ Lertes...Thank you for the compliment and for visting.


I hear you. I got to 60 and did more questing on a PvP server than I did when I started out first time ever on an RP server.

My wife is pausing on her EQ2 game. She's got a Fae, leveled up an illusionist to the teens, and now it's slowed down and she can't figure out why. Encumbered but the bags are empty? She's got me in WoW so she's sticking with me.

I hope your friend enjoys it. Ours does. We keep trying to recruit two more friends in our office, but they know the dangers! :)


Oooh, something else to listen to in the car! Looking forward to the podcast!

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