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January 25, 2007



LOL hey I have a Sims 2 Homes site too, which seriously needs update but I'm WoWing all the time and Simming no more...


Valdesta, 61 Troll Hunter on Zul'jin


Awww... I'm on the list there, so I'll say thank you for the thought and I am glad we're keeping you entertained while you cannot play.

I will be moving later this year, so I am going to have a streak where I likely won't be able to play, post, read blogs, or pick up new podcasts. That'll be a chore. High speed internet is high on my list to get installed in the new house.


'Tis our pleasure Lauren. Take your time getting back...WoW and EQ2 will be here when you get there. Just think, when you do start playing Outland, there will be less people camping mobs


The sentiment goes both ways hon, I love spending a portion of my mornings reading various blogs about the MMO's that I'm playing (and even those about the ones I'm not), it's a little ritual of mine. Much /hugs.


I like linking to quality. :) You've got some great stuff here.



I have at least one reader and that is good. Thanks!


Thanks all, and really funny Brent. As if you don't have thousands of readers now. :-)

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