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January 11, 2007



I'm kickin back. I'm really not in a rush to 70 and really haven't logged into WoW except to help the wife with some quests.

I'll hit BC with a vengeance about 2 weeks after launch...sooner if the stability is better than expected.


Probably working on getting level 60 since I stalled out at 56 or something last spring. I'm close now. Maybe I'll take care of that this weekend, and then with the BC, I'll never waste any XP that I earn.


Kicking back and playing a little on my 22 priest. I'll probably never make it to 60 much less 70 with her, but I'm still having fun helping others who need a healer for runs through the deadmines.


All my previous WOW-bitching aside, I'm getting really excited. The best part of the game - leveling new content, is coming back for the first time in a LONG time. I'm not even sorry that I won't be doing it on an uber Warlock. Playing her just wasn't a challenge anymore. Doing it on my priest, now that's a challenge. :-)

I'll be in frigid Chicago when BC hits the street. *Wimpers* I wonder if lines and what not will hit the news. I'll be oogling everyone's blog so make sure you report in frequently!

Cap'n John

I was picking up some pizzas for dinner when I saw the Gamestop store a few doors down, so I popped in while the pizzas were in the oven and asked out their BC Pre-order list. I live in a predominantly hispanic, low-income area and it would appear not many of my townsmen are interested in WoW, because with just days until the release, I scored myself a copy of BC, well I'll have my copy at 12:01am on Monday night/Tuesday morning.

I've also been doing the PvP thing trying to get my GM Hand Cannon. I have all the Marks I need but only 1/3 the Honor. It's AV Bonus Honor weekend, but it also happens to coincide with one of the biggest BG bugs favoring the Horde this side of the Dark Portal, so that's certainly put a damper on things. I'm hopeful that I can still get enough Honor over the next few days that I can start my Hunter's grind to 70 armed with one of the biggest guns in the game.

Cap'n John

It appears that the BG Bug got fixed last night/this morning, but it's also not AV Bonus Honor weekend. It actually happens to be the Eye of the Storm Bonus Honor weekend. Yes, this weekend you can earn double the honor fighting in the Burning Crusades Battleground, which you can't actually enter until Tuesday.

Go figure.


AWWWW. I was actually planning to do AV this weekend because you mentioned it was bonus weekend.

Capn John

I actually spent Saturday night in Warsong Gulch, working on getting 30 WSG Honor Marks so I can buy my Dwarven Hunter a NElf Tiger Mount. I began the evening with 5 Marks, somewhere during the evening we actually won one match, and I finished the night with 21 Marks. Just 9 to go and my Dwarf will finally be mounted on a Tiger. I like Tigers, I have a Tiger tattoo, so this will be a very satisfying accomplishment for me.

Of course then I'll need to acquire another 20 Arathi Basin Marks, and 12,500 more Honor, before he can buy a Grand Marshall Hand Cannon.


Nice going! I ran AV mostly, intermingled with a few AB. I just didn't have the stomack for WSG. Only 1 loss in 10 for AV which was great. The one time we did lose it was so close. We'd just started the final boss when they won. They had a great strategy that choked us at IB where we wasted a lot of time.

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