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September 10, 2006



There was a post on the forums by Nethera saying that the priest talent tree was almost done. However it looks like druids and hunters are both having extensive changes done to them and will be awhile.


HAHAHA yeah, at first I thought that link was for new armor sets in the expansion, then I realized it was nothing more than a stupid promotions for retarded products. My personal favorite is the buttons: show your loyalty at the watercooler with a cool "Mage" button. LMFAO yeah right.


When I saw that image link I was also thinking OMG the rest of the talents and armor sets. I was bummed when it linked me to products. I HOPE they are reading the Priest forums and are taking some of the concerns into the balancing. I know it's way too late for them to be changing spells and talents, but if they don't give us something cool that benefits us and not just raids, hell is going to boil over.

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