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September 21, 2006



The PvP rewards aren't half bad. They are really an improvement on my Molten Core set because the Molten Core set assumes I do nothing but heal. My gear kit includes Defiler, Frostwolf, and PvP stuff for both Elemental and Enhancement mode. My bags are pretty much full. The PvP grind does have it's rewards. Getting to Rank 7 was easy enough (in AV perhaps) and the boots were definitely worth it for this Shaman. I'm thinking though that reaching Rank 10, Champion, won't be possible for me. I'm too casual. Oh, yeah, I got an Ice Barbed Spear for going to Alterac Valley once with my level 51, yes 51, Warrior. Yes, once. (We actually won! And he actually had 5 killing blows. Execute for the win!) My Hunter is 1.8 levels shy of going himself. That'll be two Ice Barbed Spears in the family.

AND when I saw that the Druids, just a rumor now, might be getting Flight Form at level 68, useable only in the flight areas, i.e. Outlands, well you know I've got to be giving my Druid a little love now.


The PVP rewards are good for sure. The cloak I'm wearing is better than anything I've seen drop or available for auction for my level - considerably better. Doing the Honor grind in WSG is what makes it so painful. You were right about doing it in AB and AV. I had assumed the exact opposite. :-( But since I'm so close to Honored now and have my eye on the rings, I need to suck it up and finish.

Once I get WSG honored I'll do AB for my rank in general, interspersed with a little AV when I feel bold. :-)



I've never done the PvP grind, but am contemplating for my Priest for the exact same resons you've mentioned. Currently shadow spec with no plans for changing, but most of the endgame gear assumes healing. At least the Tier .5 gear is damage/healing...

Capn John

Off-topic. I googled my own blog name today at work to show a coworker the Weird Al video I have there, and your blog was the top hit over mine ;)

On-topic. I did about two weekends worth of serious AV PvP and am around halfway through Honored with the Stormpike. I only want Exalted to get the Gnollskin Pouch or whatever the Quiver is. I was planning to hit Revered for the Epic Mount, but I found it more enjoyable to farm for gold for one week and raise 800g than it was to farm Rep in AV, then still have to farm 640g.

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