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September 17, 2006


Capn John

Don't do WSG. It's an exercise in futility. AB is a little more fun. AV is where you get loads of HKs, especially if you stay on Defense :)

In WSG you're going to face pre-formed groups with Vent or Teamspeak, and they're almost all going to be in Tier 2 Epics, and you will get rolled time after time. In AB you'll come up against pre-forms as well, but WSG is where the bad boys hang out, or so my experience has led me to believe.

I want that 15% AS Quiver that comes with being loved by the AV guys, so I'm kind of biased, but after almost a solid week of Battlegrounds and PvP I much prefer AV over the other two BGs.


We're in the same Battlegroup. Hmm. I hate WSG. But we do okay there. Last night I played 5 matches in AB. We, always a pug, won the first against a pug. Then we were annhiliated by a pre-made from Cho'gall. Then we were again annihilated by another pre-made, this one from Alleria. Then we were again bashed by a 3rd pre-made, this from Destrosomethingorother. It's awesome to watch. You take a look at the list of names. You see their all on the same server. Then you see a wave of red ride out from the Blacksmith at you at the farm. WTF is easy to spell thankfully. We won the last match I played, against a pug. Pug vs. Pug ftw. (At least it's fair.)

Alterac Valley. We, the Horde, started off having a chance. Win some, lose some. Fair, right? Then I noticed the Alliance started to win every single match. We'd be on the road to Stormpike and they'd be assaulting the Frostwolf Relief Hut. There are some serious imbalances there. I watched a mage and a pally, pretty much right at the start, come in by themselves and take out the Relief Hut guards. You think two Horde folks can take out the Stormpike Aid Station on their own? Methinks not. Where was our defense? Zerging to a standstill outside bridge.

My Alliance Hunter, tried some AB too. However, level 48, he was getting his butt handed to him over and over by a mage. (I suppose there might be a little something in that I haven't played the character in over a year.) Otherwise we'd lose every single AB match. I took the six losses and turned in twice. I decided it would be easier to level him to 51 and get into AV if I want to see some wins (and the HK's).

:) Fun!


Hopefully I'll make rank 5 this week. I need a break from WSG. It's probably paranoia but sometimes it feels like there are spies. I'm just so dumbfounded by how poorly alliance players conduct themselves in WSG. Sure it's a PUG but they bickering and people just doing nothing simultaneously amazes and infurates me. Healing already feels so bottom of the barrel sometimes. Running around behind stupid people just makes it so much worse.

I will try some AV. I'd purposely stayed away from it until now. When I tried it at 51 on my Warlock, people were so rude. They basically laughed when a pre 60 player tried to get in on the action. I was planning on waiting until 60 and having acquired +damage gear. If I can get my bracers this week then I'll take a break - level, do a few instances or something fun.

The last 3 instances I healed in went VERY well! People paid attention and worked together. We had a bad pull here and there, but suprisingly all went well. Having some of my Twink PVP gear helps to compensate when things go wrong, as I can take a beating and still heal. The extra armor also helps to avoid having to use mana to shield or heal myself. I can just fade. If that is on cooldown I can just jumping around the tank - keep him and everyone else healed and they get around to getting the mobs off me. I never ran into that healing aggro loop. It's very nice. :-)


I think that what you may be experiencing is a completely natural influx of new BG'rs who probably played little to no PVP on battlegrounds until the recent patch made finding a group nearly instant. I personally hated signing up for a BG seeing that the estimated que was over an hour, then decided to quest only to get called into the BG right when I got off the boat to Kalimdore. For me the patch was a godsend, and I am sure there are many others who are in the same boat. Unfortunately for you, that means you have to deal with the possibility of running into entire teams of green horns. Here is one thing you neglected to mention in your post: did you ever bother to tell the "noobs" a proper strategy? If you did, then they suck for not listening to you, but if not, then you are just as much at fault as they are for your losses. The first thing that I do when I get into a BG-because I know I am not experienced- is ask someone what the game plan is. If someone generals up and provides a strategy, I stick to it, but if all I get are I don't knows or even better, no response at all, I just do my own thing and laugh hysterically when I see people spamming WTF WTF when we are losing. You can't expect 10+ people to all be on the same page unless there is someone acting as leader.


Yes, there were knowledgeable players that were telling people what we should do. Some were nice about it, others weren't so nice. No one was listening. I kept asking ppl to leave the base and come help find our flag or help me make it to escort the FC. Very few times did anyone do anything that I requested. Most people were just turtling in the base. We can't win that way. When you're down 2 to 0, I understand turtling but not from the outset.

Twice people just heckled the person trying to lead. Tired of racing back and forth as the only priest, I told them "goodbye" and logged.


I play a horde warrior lvl 29. I'm very much a n00b at WOW, only been playing about a month. However, I've done a little research and reading on general BG strategy and this kind of thing helps a lot. Just direct the n00bs to some good general strategy sites for the BGs. I've heard about the premades, but I've only played in PUGs and have won EVERY SINGLE TIME. WSG or AB, it doesn't matter. Some were close, others were blowouts. This is on Lightbringer EU. I'm about 1200 exp from lvl 30 and doing everything I can to avoid it, having too much fun in PVP.


Hi John,

PVP is a nice diversion from leveling. Given that you're horde, I can't take your opinion about winning in WSG as any advice I could follow. LOL Alliance completely suck at it! Dunno why, they just do. AV on the other hand, is lots of fun and we win. :-)

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