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September 14, 2006



Yeah its called the joy of not having to work.

Honestly though its hard to find time to level an alt when your working. Ever since I've started the speed in which my alts gain levels has dropped. Its the main reason while time intensive games like Everquest and FFXI just aren't an option for me anymore.


This post made me chuckle. My first char was a hunt. The easy mode helped me learn the game, but at 55 the guild I ran needed a priest...so I rolled on. Got to 60, and went back to finish my hunter. Now 2 years into playing, I have:
60 hunter,
60 priest,
40 mage,
40 rogue,
20 Pally,
20 warrior,
20 Warlock &
20 Druid
All on my main alliance server.

I have about 15 level 10 taurens that are shamans, hunters and druids. A undead mage that is 35, a undead lock that is 30, and a handful of other alliance chars.

I swear its a sickness...but I never get bored.


I work too...full time. But really the only thing that effects is not having a ton of time to raid and farm. Weekends are wonderful, and since I have about 3 hours from when I get home until raid time, there is always time to level alts.


OMG! I dont know what to say to do other than laugh. That's rather insane! LOL


HAHA Ali now that is alt fever! I can't say a word however as I currently have 60Rogue 39 Mage (mining and skinning loot whore... I mean.. Venture Capitalist) 22 Warrior 18 Pali 18 Lock 4 Hunter and 5 Different alts on different servers for when the dreaded "server down" message appears. I love playing just about every class in WOW as each has something different to offer, but my two favorites by far are my rogue and my warrior. I tried making a warrior as my main but deleted him out of frustration because I found out by level 15 that Gear is everything with that class. I had no cash flow to fund a warrior at that time, but now that my rogue is level 60 and my bags are selling faster than I can make them, I absolutely love taking on 3 mobs at once with my protection spec warrior and coming out on top. Tanking Rules!


Skinning is a good profession or are you making tailoring bags? Those are the only ones I know of. Am confused but also tired. :-)

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