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September 07, 2006




We're in the same Battlegroup you and I. Battlegroup 7. Illidien and Kirin Tor. Cool. So if you ever run into Blackhoof, a lovable huggable Tauren Shammy, please just wave. No face melting please. :)

But I'm finding my NE Hunter, level 48, brought out of retirement, 4 HK's to his lifetime achievement, he rocked in AB tonight. We didn't win any matches, :/, but I topped the kills chart each time. Last match only the Blood Guard Scattershot beat me. Good kitty! It's like Hunter = chart topper. And that's with a Demon Killing Enchant on my Tusker sword for the glow. I'm a sorry Twink. But not a bad DPS. And I haven't really played him in months and months. Hunter truly is easy mode. Lucky for me.


LOL - I'm going to look for you! My Shadow Priest is Alysianah. I'll try to at least wave before I melt, but in such instances it is better to melt and ask questions later. :-)

Today I leveled out of the 40-49 bracket :-( I wasn't in the mood to level and instances take too long for during the week, so I farmed some herbs. I've been 300 for a long time but wasn't playing her out in the landscapes to actually harvets.

I do hope to see you in a BG. What a freakin hoot that would be!!

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