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August 01, 2006



I know what you mean and I haven't even hit level 60 yet but my downfall surprisingly enough isn't the fact that I have raided so much, it is my RL friends that refuse to play a character past level 40 before creating a new one. I have been playing WOW for the past 5 months and Neil Armstrong was a perfect analogy for how the first 3 months of how that game felt. 3 of my friends and I all started at the same time and now 5 months later, I have a 55 rogue, a 40 mage, and fast approaching a 40 priest. I haven't seen any raid content although I would very much like to, and now my RL friends are claiming they are "burnt out". It didn't take much for me to realize that they were burnt out because they refused to roll a different server, or a different side; they just kept rolling human's or dwarfs. Now the feelings of awe and wonder that I first had have been replaced with the same feeling that I have when I am grinding to level. I will stick it out because I have a feeling once they have had enough, I will be able to focus on the characters I want to play all the time and not feel like I need to create an alt every 30 minutes. Although I did start that game with them and it seems like I will be losing something once they leave.

Capn John

I've been playing WoW for over 15 months now but I can still remember the very first time I entered Ironforge, mainly because of the lag. It freaked me out :P

I'd entered this HUGE Fortress like Castle, and had crossed the bridge spanning a large waterless moat and was awe struck by this huge area, made more so because it was totally empty...and then the lag hit and I was frozen for quite a few seconds. Then a few people appeared but I was still lag stuck and I freaked out thinking I was being attacked and I was going to get killed because of the lag. Finally my clunky old video card got everything loaded and rendered and suddenly there were people everywhere, running around, riding around, doing all sorts of things. A bunch of people seemed to be running out of one room, across a bridge, up some steps and into another room, so I walked over and everyone was bouncing around inside that room doing only Orion knows what.

I left Ironforge feeling a little insignificant, wondering just what the hell a Dwarf from the country was doing here. As if to really rub it in, as I walked out of Ironforge a couple of people, riding Gryphons for Orion's sake!!! flew out over my head and disappeared into the wild blue yonder.

I managed to recapture that new-to-the-game feeling a little bit when I learned Herbalism and was leveling it up in the Wetlands by farming Stranglekelp. I discovered far up the north coast of the Wetlands a Ship from Booty Bay with some quests that were a cakewalk for my 60, except for one quest that required me to do some diving and underwater gathering. I had no potions of water breathing but I knew Warlocks could do spells of Water Breathing, and our Guild, although low in number, had a Warlock on who just happened to be questing in the Wetlands at that time. Rather than just cast Water Breathing on me, she grouped with me and came along for the ride and she, like your Human Mage, was blown away by the coral and underwater scenery. In her defense, if you haven't been that way I certainly recommend it; it's no Great Barrier Reef but it is very beautiful. The Graphic Artists did an amazing job. Just look out for the Zora that live there; they don't take kindly to visitors as my Warlock friend found out. After I'd completed the quests (which were unfortunately too high for the Warlock) I ran her up to Southshore and got her the Flight Point, then gave her 10gold for helping out and to cover the cost of repairs.


One of the things that has been executed brilliantly in WOW is ease of use, and I mention this in a post about "wonder" because it does simplify the process of experiencing content. I can't image an eight-year old doing very much on games like AC or EQ. However, my neices and nephews all play WOW when they come over. They have toons ranging from level 15 to 28. Of course they create lots of alts. Beyond the boys wanting to kill stuff, they all like wondering around to see what's what and where they can go. They like looking for loot and grinding mobs for coin with which to buy other shiney things.

When I watch them play I remember what it was like to be inspired by the game. My mage occassionally feels that way but not often enough. As for my priest, for her it's about getting to the levels with instances so that I don't have to grind or quest too much. There's lots to love about the game and that fact that it can become boring to some people after a long stretch of playing, is only natural. My biggest gripe is the end-game which is really dependant on you wanting phat loot. If you don't then you'll find it restrictive, time-consuming and grindy.


Hmm, this comment may be just a tad late cough*4-years*cough but I know exactly how that feels. Bet you can't believe that you have followers that are willing to travel 4 years back in the archives just to read your online adventures from the top. Well, my first adventure into World of Warcraft was that of Darnassus as a night elf. It was just stunning to be in an actual city after being the country starting area. Back when everything just sparked curiousity, it was interesting to realize how short it lasted.

Anyway, love your blogs. :D

Alysianah aka Saylah

HI Bob - well thanks for reading and commenting. I WISH I WAS IN LOVE WITH ANOTHER MMO. Honestly, there's not gaming feeling like it!

My daughter is trying WOW again. It was a bit to scary for her the first time. We were all on PVP servers back then and she was too new to gaming. She rolled a Druid and then I got my Mage to port her over to Northshire to do the GS to SS run which is my favorite trek of the game, bar none.

And to her it is still magic. When she saw Stormwind, all the players - geared, mounted, NPCs roaming around, the buildings that you can go into and the whole zone full of life, she was awed yet again. Blizzard got that part very very right. Heck I might restart a Shaman just to do the GS to DS run with her. After that I'm done though. OMG I can't imagine running up through the rest of the game again.

Good luck and enjoy the magic.

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