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August 26, 2006



Pretty sure it has to do with the icons for Mind Flay and Mind Blast, since they look like you're doing something horrible to the icon's face.

Capn John

I ambushed an Undead Shadow Priest in AV this past weekend and she was a real b**ch to bring down, in fact we ended up taking each other out at the same time. For some reason she took it rather personally, maybe it was coz I caught her running out of Coldridge Mine with a band of Kobolds on her tail ;) but she kept coming after me for quite some time after that.

Warlocks are exceptionally nasty though. DOTs. Fears. Seduction. How am I supposed to kill you when I'm barely in control of my own actions?

One of my Guildies hooked up with a bunch of other Warlocks for an AB Team last night. Not sure how it went, they still had 5 Locks to go by the time I logged. But I'm sure once they got 15 Locks together it did not go well for the Horde they met in AB.


Most people think priests trump warlocks since they are the only class that can attack a person's mana directly.

God knows the smile on my paladin's face melts right off when a shadow priests zaps my mana pool to zero.


Haha. Not sure which I think is better just yet. I don't miss my warlock at the moment, but she felt hawt and pretty l337 when I was playing her. I've dueled a few pallys while waiting for raids to start and my lock took a good percentage of them down - i think i won at least half of the time.

Last night a pally and I held the flag for about 10 mins in WSG. We fought back wave after wave of Horde. Too bad the nooblets with us couldn't kill the other flag carrier so I could plant the freakin flag. Eventually they sent like 8 ppl after us and I just couldn't survive that kind of onslaught, so I died flag in hand. *cries*


The term comes from The first Indiana Jones movie. At the end of the movie the Nazi's open the Ark of the Coventant, and God's power melts their faces off......Face Melting

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