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August 31, 2006



That new Warlock DOT which deals damage and silences for 5 seconds when someone cleanses is going to be annoying. Its practically a paladins must die button.


Capn John

That kind of makes sense as (IMO) the logical choice for a Paladin's nemesis would be a Warlock.

Unfortunately Warlocks are already considered somewhat overpowered so having Warlocks able to bring down Pallys with ease will make them particularly devastating in PvP.


I'm not looking forward to leveling to 70, but it would be sweet to try the new stuff out. If the Priest spec looks equally as good, then I'll probably stick with her until I'm flat-out bored. I think with both sides now having Pally and Shaman, having the Lock as the Pally rival makes sense as Relmstein said. But that is not going to go down quietly with so many ppl crying foul with the current power of Locks.

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