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August 06, 2006


Capn John

I met my wife on a MOO...of course she wasn't my wife when I met her. True story (for another time). The interweb roxxorz!


I'm doubtful about how great the play experience of text based online games could have been. They have become a popular topic of dicussion lately but probably because MMOs are gaining more attention in general.


Capn John - That is a story I want to hear!! Post it somewhere or tell all here! :-) *Eyes brighten at the thought of a juicy true-life story*.

Dunno Relm, there are a few that have been running 10 yrs plus and remain very active. Regular updates, busy forums, etc like http://www.achaea.com/main.html. There are also book genre populars such as HogwartsExpress and Hogwarts Live RPG. They have different audiences and are much more about RP, so I dont think they can be compared but many of the current MMO players did start in MUDs.


It was an interesting chain of events.

I was living in Australia at the time (my wife-to-be was living in Los Angeles), and right before I went on summer break from college a friend introduced me to MUDs & MOOs. The first MUD I entered was very dull with a low population, but a guy I met there gave me the IP for another MUD, actually for a MOO. At that new MOO I ran into someone else who gave me the IP for a different MOO and there I met a girl from San Francisco who was having relationship problems and I was a monitor to lean on. I logged on every evening for two weeks chatting to her, and then college closed and I lost internet access for the summer.

Three months later, when I finally got 'net access again, I logged into the MOO and found I had an in-game email from the girl directing me to yet another MOO, this one based in/on San Francisco, called BayMOO.

I logged on there and found the girl chatting with another girl. The girl from last summer logged out, the second girl and I stayed online and continued chatting, and chatting, and then emailing, and snail mailing, and telephoning, and finally I took the plunge, bought a plane ticket and visited her in L.A. and everything just clicked.

Last April was our 8th wedding anniversary :)


Nice story John and I guess it proves that people can often get to know each other better over text messages then modern day vent/teamspeak channels.


Great story! I met some of my best friends on Compuserve many years ago. I used to travel alot and got bored sitting in hotel rooms watching TV, so I started chatting online. 10+ years later, I'm still very good friends with many of the people I met and see them several times a year.

Grats on being together 8 years. Wow, nice story.


Thats awesome man. Congrats on your 8th! :)

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