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August 04, 2006


John Doe

Try a BG twink.



Cheer up, from what I have read and seen, Vanguard looks like it will be a decent game. I am especially looking forward to the supposed chat based reputation system. Release date according to the last missive I read claimed winter 06 for release so hopefully it will be closer to December rather than February but who knows. BG twink might not be such a bad idea either, especially since you already have level 60's to fund one.


There are far more games out there if you want to try something off the beaten path.

The MMO Finder at MMO Portal is supremem for finding something to play :D



I was thinking about Twinking my priest for the 40 to 49 bracket. She's half way to 49 and was some nice gear already.

HI Malianea - thanks for the link. I'd run across MMO Portal before and looked around. Don't remember when/why, but I'd forgotten about it.


I find having a lot of friends make MMORPGs a lot more fun. I've recruited all my old college friends onto my server and they brought some of their RL friends. We got about 15 people now that use our chat channel. Its like a small guild except everyone on it is competent.

We do a lot of stupid things like collecting our tier 0.5 set and making groups of alts. Nothing is more fun the doing battlegrounds with twinked alts.



I get my share of characters to max level and then get tired of raiding, PVPing, or end-game stuff. I decide to quit that game and move on to another game that will help satisfy my MMO thirst. Or, I start a new game or trial and decide that it isn't for me. I'm not really that picky am I?

Some games I have ran a guild or had made really good friends...and then I turn my back on them and leave the game. I feel bad about doing it. Sometimes we might keep in touch, but for the most part they stay with the game and I move on never to see them again. In serveral games I've gathered good gear and lots of money (gold, credits, ISK, influence, plat, whatever) and uber-cool items...all to be left behind in a closed digital bank never to be opened again.

Have you considered playing City of Heroes/Villains? That's what I'm into right now....until something else lures me away...like maybe the WOW expansion. =)

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