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August 04, 2006



Yep - caught up on a few minutes of sleep with that one. I should be good to WoW for a few hours, now.


I've had a problem with this MMORPG since I first started researching it. There is almost nothing notable about the game except its license.

Publishers need to learn that a license is just the dressing for an MMO and that you really need to have some meat on the game before trying to hype it.


I think the vagueness is by design. Back when it was Middle Earth Online, they had a HUGE website and VERY ACTIVE forum of players preparing for the game. Along with detailed game features and images, the site encouraged users to begin planning their guilds, we were. I mean the forum and posted content was huge. Then the dates started slipping, other MMORPGs released, it slipped some more and one day the forum was locked. Next the site content disappeared except for a lame home page saying that they were working on acquiring the official license. Three years have passed and it's still not out, and this isn't the same game that was being advertised on the original site. They had my attention back then, they don't now and won't be getting any of my time or money.


Dealing with licenses can be tricky. I know an early Warhammer MMO was yanked by GamesWorkshop because they didn't like the quality.

Also the non text copyrights of Tolkien's work has also had a colorful history.



I agree completely, from what I have seen, the lord of the rings MMO is going to be terrible. Who wants to play a game where A. there are no mages. B. you can't play as the "bad" guys, and C. the game is just another company trying to squeeze as much money out of a licence as possible. I hope that Warhammer online knocks LOTRO out of the line up just so that all of the people responsible for developing LOTRO can learn to stop trying to make a decent game out of a great book/movie series. That is one thing that I respect about the Hollywood film industry: when they make a movie out of a book, generally they pump a huge amount of money into the budget to ensure a high quality film that appeals to a wide audience. Video games on the other hand seem to do the opposite: they put as little money as possible into the game and then try and make up for crappy gameplay with widespread marketing. The whole business kinda makes me ill. Has anyone played a decent game that was originally a movie? Now that I think about it, when Hollywood makes a movie from a video game the same thing happens. Is there a round table somewhere where 10 hollywood cronies get together and try to make crappy video games from good movies and vice versa? If so, how can we sneak some poison into their water to ensure this nonsense stops? hahaha


HAHAHA, that's a good one. It's sad and annoying to see. For many of them it's a business - pure and simple. Attempting to do the "right" thing doesn't even enter the equation. For the players, it's a lifestyle with an emotional impact (varying degrees by your commitment) when games are a disappointment. We as players, invest more than just money. We invest time, our own and time that could have been spent with others, or doing an infinite variety of other things, yet we chose "that" game. When it fails, flops or is utter BS, we feel a sense of disappointment and loss.

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