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August 24, 2006



If you haven't played PVP since the patch, then you are missing out. I logged on last night for the first time in a week and had the time of my life playing all of the BG's, with each zone having a que time of less than 1 minute!!
The patch has done wonders for people who enjoy playing PVP and for once Blizzard has done something right. I can't wait to get off of work and pwn everyone in sight again.


I'm SO missing out! Wah, that the patch came while I'm out of town. I don't get back until late Saturday. Hopefully, I'll find time to sneak on for a bit on Sunday. I'm also getting that leveling itch but don't want to change BG brackets yet. I also cant afford to upgrade my equipment or reapply my enchants at the moment. Oh how I wish I hadn't moved Saylah.


Unlimited BG it seems with the new patch. WSG, AB, AV, whatever your poison, less than a minute away. The days of queuing up for all three and killing an hour outside fishing are over.

Downside is you're pugging with strangers. Unless you queue up with 15 (or 40!) of your good friends. (Fear the 15-man guild team vs. the cross-server PUG. They tend to be organized, and on vent, and that wins the game most times.)

I earned 100K in honor this last week. But I'm sure all the rest of the PvPers on my server are doing the same and since it's all relative, who knows what that will get me?

I just want to hit rank 10 so I can get the basic PvP armor set.

Happily faction gains never decay and I've got my eye on some nice gear there too.

Since I have to wait for the expansion to make my Warlock, Blood Elf, of course, it'll be some time before I get to melt faces. But a crit-happy Elemental Shammy (with just +111 Spell Damage, and +31 mana/5s) seems to do okay. Rare for this carebear, downing a mage and a warrior, 1-on-1 last night.

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