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July 21, 2006



I liked this even though I am not an enchanter I have placed a link on my guilds forum for this entry.

Nice One.


Ahh I remember my run to 300 enchanting quite fondly. Luckily I found some Wizard Oil formulas on the AH and used them with my herbalism to hit the big 3-0-0. I've got a couple rare 300 enchants from faction grinding but still dont have the +22 int, crusader, or the 15agi one. If you got the time I suggest grinding friendly with furbolgs to get the +25 agi to 2handers enchant. Hunters love to put it on their ice barb spear.



I do understand your grief but all crafting professions share in that same grief some. Most crafted items must be sold to venders or far below imput prices during the skilling up phase on most servers. The one offset to enchanting is it is IMO the ONLY profession that is both crafting and gathering. Both as an enchanter skilling now, as well as a consumer of enchants,I would like to see enchants be made into "items" that could be bought vwndored sold at the ah mailed and applied by the end users. I do think this would put the enchanter in the same boat as any other crafter and end the expectations of free chants.


That's true that enchanters can also disenchant and make money which is great because that's how most enchanters make any money anyway. I would have loved to see enchantments packaged in a way to the be sold on the AH. Spamming in trade got old very quick.

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