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July 13, 2006



Five level 60's? Wow. I thought I played a lot. It turned out raiding took a large portion of my (character's) time. When you have more times played at 60 than it took getting to 60 you'll know you've been raiding some.

I know some guildies are looking foward to Warhammer Online. Graphically similar to WoW, that cartoon look, as opposed to the "realism" of EQII say. It sounds like a nice touch where the characters will "age/mature" as they level up. The more experience your Dwarf has the longer his beard will be. Stuff like that. And more PvP based given it's more of an ongoing war between the two factions rather than there (also) being a force that both sides can fight against to divert some of the attention from faction warfare. (Alliance and Horde vs. the Scourge.)

It sounds that this is a ways out yet though. And that's like the closest coming to fruition if you don't count Vanguard. A new character of a new class in a new faction has a way of spicing things up.

And he's also got the Outlands to look forward to this Fall. 10 more levels in an entirely new land. That might take some time. And then two new races with two new starting lands.

And I'm hoping to see a World of Starcraft someday.

And I thought a historical based World of Warcraft could be interesting. West vs. East vs. Orient, historical divisions. The quest to recover the True Piece of the Cross from infidal held Jerusalem would be quite a long quest chain. And the Search for the Holy Grail, the end-all-be-all of world quests. And how cool to play a Saracen and a Norman on a PvE server. Battlegrounds will be the battles in the Anatolian hinterlands, in the Carpathians, etc. Woops! I've digressed.


I think what he misses is leveling - that's clearly his thing. Besides the 60s, he has several repeat classes in the low 30s and 40s. I told him jokingly, that he needs to start a toon leveling service to pay for his WOW accounts and expensive sneakers!! I'd forgot that he'll be able to level all his 60s again when the expansion comes out. That should keep him busy for a while. He wasn't able to raid all this time because of time zone and school. Our guild doesn't even start the weeday raids until 8:30 PM CST - that's too late for a student. And the Sunday raids were out because of Sunday School and church. So without the ability to raid when a toon hit 60, the only alternative he really had was to - start again. :-( I think he got his Pally and Hunter to rank mid levels in PVP but then that became a bore.

Last nite he downloaded the free trail for DDO and his trying out the new solo content options.

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