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July 03, 2006



ROFL!!! Beauty!

I just started a priest and at level 13, already all of these apply. Absolutely wonderful!


I give a rats ass when stupid people die... +honor :)


Thanks Christine - being a priest is an eye opening experience.
Heartless - Always have an amen for the death of the opposing faction. :-)


Nice List. Healers are more at the mercy of stupid people then any other class in the game. Probably why priests are so rare. Now that I think about it every classic fantasy MMOG I've played has had a shortage of priests.


Hi Relm. BTW, I guess I'd been neglecting my Blogger list. I just noticed today that you weren't posted. Thanks for stopping by and continuing to read my complaints and MMO dribble :-)


Thanks Lauren I enjoy reading your blog a lot. Your posts are easy to read and relevent to a lot of the games I play.

P.S. It's Relmstein not Relmsteim on your blogger list. I wouldn't mind normally but I hear Relmsteim is a big jerk. :-)


Thanks and oops. Will fix it right away!


This is so true. I use to play a rogue and never understood why all the priests I grouped with were so bossy and had such attitudes. Now with a lvl 60 priest, I totally get it. If people don't know what they are doing you have to tell them, or else everyone dies. And it is your fault. My favorite moment so far: Being in XR and with a lvl 60 warrior yelling at me to heal him, even though I wasn't in his raid and I was in shadowform. It was my JOB to heal him. I was off that day...hard luck for him.


Muhahaha. That's a good one fluffie! I can totally see some arrogant player expecting you to just heal him. Don't get me wrong, I like playing the priest and being in that supportive role. But yes, if people dont know what they're doing there will be a wipe, it will be the priest's fault. :-0


No one ever blames me for wipes... I get in first by going WTF WAS THAT SHIT like that guy on the ony wipe vent thingy. Then they are all like oh sorry, and im like well just dont let it happen again. If they do blame me... then I rebuff etc, let them pull a mob and watch them die as I hearth out o_0


OMG - I shouldn't laugh but that is funny as hell, Star! You are SO bad. I've had some bad PUGs but I've yet to be the first person to bail on a group.

One time I almost did bail on people in RFD. This group inspired like the top 5 reasons. Everyone was pulling their own target and racing to the next mob before I could even loot or regen mana, then screamed at me if they died! They said I sucked and the warrior left before I got a chance to say, "Screw u guys, I'm going home."

best...lvl 60ud priest...i can relate

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