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July 27, 2006



Between my Dad being in the cardiac care unit way out there in Texas, a nasty night in a clinic for a "sleep study" myself, and new kitchen appliances being delivered and installed (Happy Anniversary, Baby!), I've still managed to get in some play time on the new Hunter, but it's not been very efficiently executed, mostly just wandering about aimlessly, without much if any focus on any goals or objectives, just whacking on things for some perverse sort of release, I guess.

BUT, on a good note, my best (online gaming) friend in the whole world popped up in the private chat channel last night when I logged in my Rogue to help defend The Crossroads from those silly Alliance pogues for a bit.

This being the very person who's responsible for my playing WoW in the first place, since she and her husband bought me the game last November, and with whom I've spent a ton of time playing alongside in-game or chatting with while playing everything from EQLive to SWG, AC2, and now WoW. She and her hubby have been back on since Tuesday, but I was at the clinic that evening so I missed them then. And I had almost sent them an email Tuesday morning to let them know I was back from my hiatus. Kind of a weird thing, huh?

And, as if there were not enough proof of good karmic things going on, the minute I logged out the Rogue and back to the Hunter, there was that wily Humar just lying there waiting to be tamed. After five days of just missing him or politely deferring to another Hunter (Horde or Alliance) who arrived ahead of me, he was there, all alone and waiting for me to tame him. So, concerns about my Dad's health and all of the other stresses notwithstanding, it was a good night -- three old friends, Antalya, Nogrok, and Deguello (Humar) all happily welcomed back into my WoW life.

And finding out that they're expecting now -- though they haven't decided what they want the baby's Race/Class to be yet :D -- was just wonderful news to top off a very nice night of WoW on Kirin Tor.


Hi Ric - Sorry to hear about your dad. I hope that he recovers soon. There was a time when not being able to play would because of real life, would be an insufferable inconvenience. *Smile* But now it's just oh well, the game will be there tomorrow. Work is always crazy this time of year. You'd think we'd all get used to it, or plan better but that never happens. LOL

I transfered Saylah to a low pop server to be with friends. However, their guild isn't raiding yet - not that I'm in a hurry to raid. Everyone is off leveling alts but unfortunately, we're all at very different levels so we're still not "playing" together. I wish I hadn't re-org'd the toons because now I can't move my priest, which would at least be a character that I was interested in playing while I wait for their guild to begin raiding. Ah well, I do think life has a way of balancing itself out and this is it's way of telling me to focus on something else for a while. :-)

I've been looking at Lineage II for quite some time yet afraid of the grind stories to try it out. Yet the more I look at the game mechanics, races and classes, I want to give it a whirl. The only thing holding me back is throwing more money into games that I abandoned a couple of months in. Still - the money you spend on a game is about the cheapest source of long term entertainment. But the pile of unplayed ones is starting to get a little too big.

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