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June 25, 2006


Eureka I

I happen to agree. If I felt that I would be ruined by spending $25 for a transfer, then I shouldn't even be playing the game because my budget screams otherwise. It's a one-time purchase to create a heap of new opportunity. I think that many people do not understand what it takes to pull out the file for one person and transfer it. But that's just my opinion-I'm not trying to be judgmental about anyone having trouble paying the fee.


My first character, Kinless, the 48 Hunter, who was born on Argent Dawn (RP), will get to join his younger, and wiser, cousins on Kirin Tor (RP). Darkhand, the 45 Rogue, waywardly alone on Frostmane (PvP server) hopes to head to Kirin Tor as well. And either Honorus, the 25 Paladin, also on Frostmane, will make the trip over, or he will be retired for good in favor of a Draenei Paladin.

My Smolderthorn Horde characters (60 Tauren Shaman, 45 Orc Warrior, 25 Forsaken Undead) might remain put for the time being if we can suck our friend back into playing his Smolderthorn character again. (It's good to have friends on a PvP server. :) (Same friend has a 25 Druid on Emerald Dream (PvP-RP) that he can bring to Kirin Tor so he's got company there for his 45 Tauren Shaman. (And then he, me, and my wife, would have Druids on Kirin Tor. Tank-DPS-Healer team. Can you beat that?)

I'm very excited at the opportunity to consolidate my characters onto fewer servers. It'll breath new life into some old friends of mine.

$25 each? Is that too high? For the time I've put into them, I'll gladly pay it.


I'm a tad blase about it. I have no reason to transfer any of my characters from server to server. I suppose I will make up my mind if and when the need ever arises.


I think it will be a nice option for friends that started playing at different times and on different servers. I've run across acquaintances at work that I would play with, if we'd known that we would all be playing and had done so on the same server. Also, many of us know people from different MMOs that it would be nice to "get to" now that we're playing the same game again.

The latter is the biggest reason that would get me to move toons. Some really good friends are playing on a different server that I would seriously consider moving to play with.


Hopefully after this service has been out for awhile they might allow a limited amount of free transfers. Our relm Shadowmoon goes down all the time and often has server wide lag. It is one of the very first servers put up and runs on old hardware. It seems though as if Blizzard would rather make us pay to leave the server then get a hardware upgrade for the relm.

I have no problem paying to move characters to play with other friends. But it seems wrong to have to pay just because my server is old.


I think it is a great idea especially for noobs such as myself who created their first real character on a PVE server with the thought of getting to know the world before getting slaughtered at every turn PVP. Now that my rogue is level 60, and I am beginning to raid more often, it will be nice to be able to transfer that character over to a PVP server and get some true combat PVP in. I hate battlegrounds because I want to be charging into battle with the rage of william wallace, not playing capture the flag over and over like a hamster stuck inside his wheel. Kudos to Blizzard for making a wonderful option.


Relmstein brings up a good point. Anyone transfering just to get away from game lag and queues, should be moved for free. Poor game performance shouldn't have to be tolerated - old server, new server, crowded or whatevah. That is Blizzard's problem and shouldn't cost the user to get relief elsewhere.

Bob, i think you're out of luck. They are thinking that you can't go from PVE to PVP. The rationale is that leveling on PVE was easier - their words not mine, and you shouldn't be able to take a PVE toon and go whack ppl with it on a PVP server. I'm not sure that I agree - grinding is grinding. Even on a heavily populated server such as Illidan, I haven't found faction conflict "much" of an issue when leveling. Sure, STV and Gadget can be a pain but it is nothing like it was before rooftop squating in places like Duskwood and Lakeshire were banned. You might have to wait for cross-realm PVP that is being proposed for 1.12.

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