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June 11, 2006




I just moved into upstate SC and into our new house. My fiance and I bought the house and have been fixing it up before we get married in July. Her parents have a house about 5 minutes away that she has been taking care of for them as they split time between here and New Jersy.

Now that I'm permenantly in the area I thought I would get to game from sun up until whenever the fiance got home from work. I don't need to have a job yet so this was going to be great. Truth be told I have a million "honey do" tasks to get done each day. Then the evenings are spent between dinner at her parents and spending time with the fiance.

Even though she doesn't want to live together before marriage she for some reason won't let me out of her sight. Makes no sense to me :P Oh well... gaming is taking a big hit. Last night was my first time playing and I stayed on a bit longer than planned (about 1 am) and she about flipped out because I didn't say goodnight even though she snuck into bed accross the hall without even telling me :/

Oh well... women.


Must be going around or the time of year. :-) Several gaming friends have either relocated recently or moved in with significan others and now have no game time. Most thought that cutting the commutes to and from work, family or their lover, would yield more game time. And all of us were wrong! DOH!

Gaming had replace my other forms of relaxtion - reading, TV, movies, hanging out, etc. So it's not like we just don't have time to play WOW. It's the no personal time at all that's slowly killing me. LOL

Good luck with your situation. I'm sure we will all settle into a better situation and compromise of time eventually. Hopefully, sooner than later. *crosses finger*


BTW Heartless...OMG on the SC. I'm in Augusta, GA! Dayum it's been hot.

Eureka I

When moving closer to family, it's hard not to re-assume our pre-existing roles. It's hard to maintain that which you built on your own and keep the quality of life that you built on your own, without rolling back into that "yes mom, I'm frivolous, I'll try to improve" type of relationship that we had when we were a child.

Just because we move closer to family doesn't mean that we need to give up all sense of self. The hardest thing to do is to define boundaries. To say, it's great to be close again, but I have responsibilities to take care of, so I can see you, but only between 4-7. I hope you respect my time.

I don't mean this to say make excuses to play a game, because real life is always richer than a game. It's just that you're grown up now and you need mental health time, and in order to achieve that, you need boundaries to stabilize your life.

I think that once you get past the newness of living there, and you can define your "me" times and "us" times, that you will be happier.

But I agree, it is so wonderful to see the little ones grow up and to be close to the people that you love. Nothing beats that.


I agree and it is getting better already. :-) I've actually had two days in the past seven or so, where no one has been here! WOOT. I like my privacy so that's a bit of a big deal to me. And I'm not exactly chomping at the bit to get on WOW so it's all good for now. I have been able to do the past two Sunday raids in BWL. Not my first choice of what I'd like to be doing but it's a guild goal and I want to help out.

I haven't had a chance to log in but I do see that the 1.11 patch was deployed. I'm VERY interested in the Scourage events. That's the kind of stuff that I find fun. The open war and madness that ensued in Gadget to open the gates of AQ was exciting. I want Blizzard to give us more of that!!

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