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May 21, 2006



I'm mostly a solo player, too. Once and a while it is fun to group up and interact, but mostly I like just doing it myself. Then I don't get frustrated playing with those who don't know my style (a crazy reason to get frustrated, I know, but that's me!). Plus the games just rock! They are so much better than solo games.

Robert Davis

Most people solo.



I like both modes. It drives me crazy to see my wife playing WoW but ignoring other people. Of course when I'm playing I usually ignore them too. :) What works best is when she and I play together.

P.S. I can't log onto my own blog, I've forgotten my password, but you mentioned in a comment on my site about your being new Georgia, and wasn't it hot? You haven't felt the heat yet, sorry to say. Georgia, my neck of the woods, Augusta area, is blazingly hot. So hot the nights provide no relief. It's just dark and hot and mosquito ridden. My wife is from Florida and she says this has it beat. In the worst way. Even an in-ground pool provided no comfort. Air-conditioning and WoW for the win! But, come this weekend, I'll be winging my way overseas to Heidelberg, Germany for several years. There, the nights will have dusks that don't get dark until after ten and beer gardens will be the greatest place to be.

Van Hemlock

Good answers to an often asked question. My reasons are pretty much the same, with a generous helping of arrogant intolerance thrown in.

The thing that gets my goat is the foam-nosed floppy-headed group-dependency muppets you see on forums and the like, who argue violently that solo content should be nerfed/removed, purely because every player soloing is a player who isn't helping *them* get things done. Grrr!


Christine - I totally hear ya. Sometimes - okay most of the time, I just don't want to be bothered with stupid people. WOW reminds me of the old days of AOL. When it cost $4.95 and hour to use the service, the clientelle was more high class. Once they and others went to the flat rate every idiot could afford to come online and be a jerk. Before playing an MMO was cool, the player base was more sophisticated and mature. The acceptability and wide-spread access have opened the flood gates to way too many dumbazzes. I hate to be so narrow-minded but I just don't suffer fools lightly. :-)

OMG Kinless- I just moved to Augusta!! Isn't it a small world. Can I assume that since you are headed to Germany, that you are in the military and were stationed at Fort Gordon?? Overseas travel sounds fun. Good luck and have a safe journey. I hope this doesn't mean that you and your wife will have to leave WOW.

LOL Van Hemlock - I think sometimes it's hard to be bothered with groups if you're trying to relax and just have fun. The popularity of WOW has brought out the kiddies and jerks, so your odds of being in a doomed PUG have increased. As for the muppets, I don't think many games will risk completely alienating solo players. The potential revenue losses are too high. Oops - Turbine and their failable wisdom with having done so may bite them in the butt for a second time. I guess the demise of AC2 wasn't enough for them to learn to play nice.

Robert - I can't get the link to work but will keep trying. I'd love to see some research on player style demographics.


It is indeed an incredibly small world. I'm a civilian government employee, and was at Fort Gordon for two years. Everything I said about the heat, you'll experience the same. I've heard said it's going to be a "dry summer" this year. Last year we had terrible rains all the time. Last winter was very mild (hardly used the fire place at all) and the winter before last I went through 4 or 5 boxes of Duraflame Logs. The Pizza Joint on Washington Road up in Evans servers excellent Pizza and has great beer on tap. The Stillwater Tap Room, on Broad Street in downtown has great beers and after 10pm good bluegrass bands. The fireworks off the Riverwalk in downtown on the 4th are also pretty popular and busy. It's really not a bad place. Lots of everything you'd need. My only complaint is that there appears to be no bookstore up in Evans where I lived. Maybe in the new Marshall Center that they've planned.

I have an old friend who works at my new office and he's worked a Shaman up to level 40. It'll be nice to be playing in the same time zone with him. Albeit it means I'm no longer going to be able to raid with my guild. But I did get to see half of Blackwing Lair, all of Molten Core, Zul'Gurub, and hopefully all of AQ20 tonight with them.


It is HOOOOOOOOT and I know this is only the beginning. Have fun playing with your friend and good luck in Germany. I hope we keep hearing from you here and on your blog.

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