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April 15, 2016



I didn't know you also had a Podcast or SC Podcast. I can't say i keep up with all things blogging as blogger myself these days at the moment since i'm not exactly physically playing any games currently.

I listening to quite a many Podcasts and a few SC Podcasts for quite a many months now with Versecast and Redacted to keep up on things. As a SC original backer i don't really visit and read the SC Forums barely but do keep up with it with ATV and RTV and such on youtube. I drop in and read RSI when something new and big is announced. Still always good to get an interesting Podcast to listen to that's about SC. So did subscribe and download the Podcast.

Alysianah aka Saylah

Thank you for subscribing. Its the audio version of my YouTube vidcast. I put the audio on iTunes and SoundCloud so people can choose whichever medium suits them best. :-) I follow Redacted too and am subbed to two of the members Twitch streams. Good bunch.

To: laurenmichele63@msn.com


I listen on iTunes, so it works great for me given the amount of Apple products i have and all the podcast i l listen to. Anyway your iTunes podcast now have an actual review with rating up. It's a very interesting voice to listen to on the podcast. Enjoyed the humor thought, especially on the BMM episode. Have that ship too in my hangar. Didn't take long to realize after a while that we have very similar playstyles and likely ships in common. But then again we both are Alumni of EVE as well.

Alysianah aka Saylah

Hey thanks for letting me know about iTunes. Thats still rather blackbox mystery to me about managing it other than pushing content that way, which also felt like mystery soup figuring it out. :-) Birds of a feather, will certainly have fun together. LOL Im so excited for this game. Even though Im thrilled by trying to run a player hospital with the Endeavor and play The Sims Airlines using the Starliner, the BMM is my super special baby and mirrors the kind of lifestyle Id choose for myself, if living in deep space was a reality. :-)

To: laurenmichele63@msn.com


I can't play any SC currently since my next and new windows computer is my actual current mega build project for a PC for a first time builder. In the next quarter maybe. But year we'll sure have fun in SC. Don't have a Endeavor or Starliner but thats ok, be fun to hang and crew up with someone else for the fun of it all in SC.

Alysianah aka Saylah

That sounds cool. I've never tried assembling a PC but I might on my next one. Or at the very least, buy the parts and take it to the local PC guys I use to fix things. No hurry to play. It's just testing / messing around. I write and read more about SC than I actually play which has be fun. I want to ensure I'm not burned out on it before it even launches.

Good luck with the PC build!

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