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March 03, 2016



I have followed you since Rift beta, and truly enjoyed your columns. I also enjoyed AA farming, but not much else. I have started BDO and look to being a farmer and fisher, having a home, mayhaps doing large scale PvP and GvG. I have not had an MMORPG home since WoW and left there after WOLK, never looking back, but ya sorta miss my first online game home.
I very much look forward to seeing how you do in BDO, and this game may prompt me to start finally bloging about these games I care so much about.
Go you! the more posts the more you inspire me and entertain me.


Alysianah aka Saylah

Thanks so much for following and taking the time to read my blog. I too missing have a regular place in a fantasy MMO I felt like I was on the drift as far as MMOs for a long time after leaving WOW. I enjoyed Rift but it never became home. The only MMOs since WOW that have felt like home for me were GW2 and AA. I left both for different reasons.

In BDO Im just looking for casual entertainment. Its a very deep game for sure but comes at a time when my focus is elsewhere but I do plan on experiencing whatever I can that I find enjoyable and not worry about the rest. Im this will let keep me playing longer since new AAA fantasy MMOs are pretty thin on the ground. Good luck in your BDO adventures!

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