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February 06, 2015



Keep taunting me into buying it!!! Was one step away from buying it on Wednesday... heh

Alysianah aka Saylah

I doubt you'd be disappointed. It's fun lots of meta decisions. Some evenings I look up and I'm like damn, it's almost midnight.


it's soooooo GOOOOOOOODD.. addicted and need more lol but the other 2 dungeon spaces aren't available yet

Alysianah aka Saylah

Deliciously fun. I just finished the first dungeon. I've been jumping all over the place and having to do a lot of smash and grab runs to recover from having spent gold wrong at the beginning. I was trying to keep all 13 recruits sane which is just crazy expensive. Then I saw comments on a Twitch stream that you don't and probably shouldn't invest in a full arsenal of recruits. Just maintain an A and B team, leaving the rest as replaceable. That's working out much better but I've had to do a lot of smash, grab & dismiss runs to build up gold. I played til 5AM the other nite! o-O

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