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December 01, 2014



One of the EQ servers once went offline for three days. Not one I played on. It was a big deal at the time. That was just one server though, a catastrophic hardware failure of some kind I think. Other than that I can't recall any non-scheduled outages of more than 24 hours, especially not for most of the servers across a whole game.

AcheAge really has been a complete shambles from the start and yet as your comments about the queues for the servers that did go up prove people are still determined to play. I wonder if Trion will ever get things on a sufficiently even keel for the game to find a stable, long term audience though. So far it doesn't look likely.

Alysianah aka Saylah

Ah that was clearly before my time in EQ1. I was in AC1 before testing the waters in Evercrack. :-)

It's easy to have queues when all servers are offline except 3 of them. Other than that none of the server even reach high anymore, let alone queue time. I WANT TO PLAY TOO. I think that's what is fueling so much anger. We want this game but can't accept the current level of service or quality. *sigh*

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