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August 08, 2014



It's good they don't make you go through a ton of tedium. If crafting is that simplistic, does that negatively affect career crafters?

Alysianah aka Saylah

Other than token gear earned by farming 150 tokens per item or random drops from the level 50 dungeon, crafted gear is the best in the game. It's not simplistic really, as it requires multiple components and having acquired the previous level gear, none of which is cheap.

The special component I need to craft a full set of green level 50 gear is 28 gold each and I need 14 of them. That's 88 trade runs of my top tier products after having harvested the items, produced them and carting them to the furthest safe zone. :-/

They've replaced the creating 100 foozles with producing singular harder to produce items.

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