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April 25, 2014



I'm rank 9.

My tip is to go for murlocs. You get the legendary as a freebie if you make the rares. I'm currently in love with my Mage Murloc deck which is doing really well. If I stuck to it and played more I'd be considerably higher rank, it wins a lot. It's just Murlocs and spell damage really. It's wonderful to get someone down to 10 life, see them erect a wall of impassable big taunters then simply pyro or double fireball them for game.

Alysianah aka Saylah

Hi Stabs!

I was having really good success until Rank 12 but now I'm running into hunter beast builds which can be tricky. Lost a few so switched over to Priest and that has been working better. Need to check out some videos. Still having fun though.


Have you heard of or tried Wildstar? It has HOUSING! I played beta and it was really fun. It looks like the kind of game you would like. :)


Yes, I did. Warrender was nice enough to let me know about it. I actually enjoyed it. I pre-ordered and expect it to be enough enjoyment to be worth the first free 30 days at least.

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