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June 05, 2012



Crazy like a Fox ;)

So crazy in fact, you are going to push your Guardian to cap with me this weekend!


Man, I'm having a heck of a time just trying to decide which Profession to MAIN, nevermind deciding on a build!

The problem with GW2 is that so many combinations sound cool that it's hard to decide. >_<


LOL You're probably right.


I hear ya. I love the Elementalist as well and am intrigued by the Engineer. Hopefully the content as good replay value and I'll be inspired to roll all three at some point. I have a gaming friend that loves WOW that I hope to convince to come to the dark side for a bit after they finish with MOP.


Bah, use your powers of pursuasion! Better yet, let's try to ninja a beta weekend key for them to try it out...


Warrior for me !!! or I might just branch out and play a ranger. Either way it will be fun..


I've never tried a warrior in any game - ever. That and rogue/thief have never appealed to me. It used to be that I had to be a magic caster or pet class since I was all about the solo. Trying the Paladin and Druid in WOW changed my mind. I enjoyed playing a hybrid. But Rift sealed the deal. OMG how I loved my Cleric!!! *such fond memories*

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