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March 16, 2011



I'm still looking for my ideal third soul... right now I play a Shaman/Justicar and really enjoy how those two synergize. I can bounce back and forth from the Justicar's melee-to-mana skill to the Shaman's. They're identical and on different timers, so as long as I'm bashing something, I've got mana.

But I seriously lack spike healing ability. I've tried Warden, and I like it, but suppose I should check out the other healing souls too.

Alysianah aka Saylah

I'm Warden biased. I like the instant casts so I can stay mobile in combat. The only time I really need to stand still is main tank healing in instances.

I heal as Warden + Sentinel + Purifier. Warden I'll be able to get the 31 point talent to night when I level. Sahweet. Sentinel as the in combat rez + buffs so I'm going 32 points in for that while purifier will be the no point use for the self bubble. For 10 points in Purifier you can get another bubble and buff the first bubble. I used to have Purifier as my secondary role but like my DK better.

When I had Justicar it was Shaman + Justicar + Warden and it was fun but doesn't shine until upper 20s to me.


he he always fun to read about it and even more fun to be a part of it .... must have been pend tanking the second run through foul cascade, cant have been me


Yes, I think it was Pend. It was funny. I saw a pet charge the boss so I charged too. It wasn't until I kept hitting and noticed that the tank hadn't moved yet that I was like, "Oops!". Was a good laugh.

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