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March 01, 2011


Green Armadillo

I just tried an Inquisitor caster build with 10 points of Justicar at level 22 (having just obtained my third role slot). I had to "borrow" three points from the Inq to get the 10-point self buff from the Justicar tree, but I'm not noticing a major loss in DPS compared to what I'm pulling on a pure Shaman. In exchange, I'm healing myself on every spellcast, and I'm using a life spell as a primary nuke, so I always have Convictions to power my Justicar heals with. Overall, it's one of the physically toughest casters I've ever played, I have little to no downtime, and I even provide modest amounts of passive healing to groups.

Alysianah aka Saylah

That's definitely an alternative that's going to feel a lot similar to my build. We can certainly stand and deliver which makes combat exciting.

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