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May 07, 2010



Glad to see you writing again.

Winged Nazgul

Psst, there's a new thing they added called Dungeon Finder. Makes finding groups for instances ridiculously easy.

Oh and on a loltastic note, I'm currently playing Wizard 101 again!


Yeppers, I know about dungeon finder but that wasn't an available feature when I first started this experiment. :-) I'm going to hang with the 5-box for a bit. I'm thinking about filling out a tanking set for the Paladin which is the only thing left to try that I'm interested in doing.

W101 is good stuff - in spurts. :-)

Winged Nazgul

Be sure to check out http://maintankadin.failsafedesign.com/ for great tips. It was an invaluable resource for my Paladin when I was tanking progression raids in TBC. And it's still the premier site for Prot Pallies.

Wow, they added a ton of stuff in W101.



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Decision necessitated she be moved off being a main account, to being included as a bundle so she could be swapped out as necessary or shelved altogether.

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