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August 03, 2009



Love this post. Can't wait for the remaining two installments. I'm lloydv on the official forums and exchange.

Capn John

I was interested in getting Sims 3 so I broke Sims (original) to get my fix and was reminded of one of the reasons why I stopped playing; your career, specifically, requirements for promotions.

The first promotion came after almost the first day on the job. The second promotion I had to work for by leveling up an attribute and making a friend. The third (IIRC) I needed something like 4 Friends and multiple attributes needed to be at level 3 or more. WTF? 4 Friends??? That was why I created an 8-Sim Friend Farm, i.e., a House filled with 8 Sims who existed for no reason other than to be Friends with my Stay-At-Home Sim. Then I spent several days working on building up their relationship with my Sim to get them to Friend-status. Except my working Sim would get home and be depressed because he wanted to have Fun while my non-working Sim was exhausted from entertaining all day and wanted to just sit down or even go to bed...so their relationship began to suffer.

I used the cheat code to make them Simoleonnaires so they wouldn't need to work or worry about money...but by then the game was no longer fun, while being able to build a huge house & buy everything instead of actually working for the upgrades ruined the whole experience and there was no gratification.

Imagine dinging 80 in WoW and automatically receiving every single piece of your T10 gear (or whatever the top Tier is) along with the best available Mount, PvP Gear, Rep Gear, etc.

"Awesome!" you say to yourself, "Now I can Pwn all the Nubs in PvP!"

No you can't, because all the "Nubs" will have the exact same gear as you. That might actually be fun in a level playing field sort of way, but for the people who enjoy Raiding? Being gifted the best in-game gear would (probably) bring very little sense of achievement.

Oh. Oh...wow. Post of my own coming up, on something like this. Just...need to think it through, logistics, etc.

Alysianah aka Saylah

What I wish they'd add to the game which they have in the console version of The Sims to a degree, is a player notepad or way to set goals.

I'd love to be able to store my own goals along side the things I'm working on for my aspirations. Text and a check box is all I need. I used to keep a notebook or pad when I really played TS but that seems so hack now. I want it in game like EVE Online.

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