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July 06, 2009



I've been on with Gaff when he has run four characters in EQ2 without any other software, but things happen so quick in WoW that it seems to be a bit more of a challenge.

There is a guy (or perhaps gal) on our server who runs 5 identical shaman. Interesting to watch him in action.

And yes, if I could just buy the riding skill for my alts, I'd find the gold for the mounts.

Alysianah aka Saylah

Holy cow - 4 characters and no software? Some players are using 4 separate computers and linked keyboards, so they have a hardware solution. Is Gaff doing that?

I've read about the 5 Shammies, 5 Mages and 5 Locks who were doing Arena and 5-mans.

Alysianah aka Saylah

P.S. I just read thru the 3.2 Patch Notes. WOW is reducing the minimum level for a first mount to level 20 and the riding skill will only cost 5G. Now that is very reasonable. This news means that as a minimum, I'd be able to get them all the level 20 mount if I'm still walking by then.


I've thought about multi-boxing many times over the past couple years but never took the plunge. I'm a serious alt-a-holic, so it seems I'm always leveling something up. Right now it's a Rogue (level 71 last night) and a few weeks ago it was my old main--my Druid and just before that it was a Paladin. When WotLK was released I leveled my Shaman and my Death Knight. And I have a level 70 Warlock waiting in the wings if I am ever inclined.

As you can imagine, I like solo-play quite a bit. I raid in the evenings, but outside of that I mostly solo play, so one would think that multi-boxing would be right up my alley. It just seems so daunting and I guess I wasn't as willing to investigate and invest the time to learn how to set things up as it really takes.

I would love to dual box my Rogue with a healer or another Rogue. There are no positional requirements for leveling as combat, and if you decided to go daggers (bad idea to level anyway) once you get Mutilate the positional requirements for daggers is removed as well.

Anyway, great topic!


Really nice write up. Haven't tried it in WoW and quite frankly, I'm surprised I haven't yet because I tend to play more than my wife does, so I could easily set up a duo with her account anytime.

Question for you-- Did you have to do a full on fresh install in a new location on your hard disk or were you simply able to just copy the entire WoW folder.

Eve will let you run as many instances from one install as your computer can stand and I remember I just had to dupe Lotro, so I'm curious.

Like Wil, I've seen Gaff with his crew from time to time in EQ2. I don't think he uses much other than a few macros on multiple real boxes.

Target forwarding in EQ2 certainly helps as does the pace of combat.


Yes, as Potshot said, the way targeting works in EQ2 is a boon for Gaff. I think he runs 3 chars on one box and a single on a laptop, and just swaps windows very effectively. Have to ask him... or get him to comment.

I have also thought of doing the second account character on WoW since I have an account for my daughter. I am surprised that WoW needs that second install. But EVE has spoiled me in that regard.

I supposed I can always run the second account on my laptop.

On the mount changes in WoW 3.2, I am looking forward to it. I have a slew of level 40-50 characters who will be moving faster when that finally gets deployed!

Alysianah aka Saylah

@All - thanks. I guess I'll do another more detailed write if people want to give it a go. I did so this time because when I was looking through the top content and noticing people fixated on my ROM posts, I also saw many reading the dual-boxing write up I'd done over a year ago, where I hadn't done very much.

@Pot & Wil - No, you don't have to have multiple installs of WOW to do this. If you don't ,then all the characters end up having the same game settings, which will be from the copy of WOW you exit last.

I started that way and found it annoying to repeatedly adjust having the followers settings at low graphics, low resolution and no sound, versus wanting the main to be on high and all sound so I can enjoy the show. Maintaining separate copies of WOW is the only way to customize each of the base settings per character.

Additionally, the followers run mod free whereas the main needs some mods. I found that I had better performance on the Main which is the only screen I see, by isolating the copies of WOW. Guess I could have done two copies since the followers have identical setups. Keyclone supports defining custom key maps and other char specific attributes tied to the WOW.exe that is launched, which is yet another reason for multiple copies.

And no, you don't do a fresh install. You just copy the whole game folder and rename them WOW1, WOW2, etc. Then I launched each copy, set things up and Voila. Patching will take coordination. I'll patch the main I guess, back up the WTF and WDB folders on the followers, copy over the patched version and replace the WTF and WDB folders that hold the char specific information and preferences.


Great read. I never really did any research about boxing except in LotRO and that was to figure out how to /target and /follow with a button. Basically I would just set up those on the "=" key, so that I could alt-tab or push the right game instance on the toolbar, and auto-follow, then put the needed skills on the hotbar and let my fingers learn the numbers for each toon. Heals 1-3, etc. LotrO was certainly the most resource intensive (had to aereate my case because of the heat) and least friendly for boxing without outside software--I ran 3 toons there through the 30s. EQ2 was much easier because of target of target and the like. I did run 4 toons there for a while, 3 for much longer--one group lvl 1-80. As for WoW, it is too fast to do the way LotRO and EQ2 work. Aggro was too jumpy. However, your excellent article has me intrigued, as I have multiple WoW accounts and just resubbed. I will have to try the macro site you mentioned--if I can keep aggro I have three toons parked at 60 in the outlands. Now to tear myself away from my 4 EVE pilots....

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Gaff - Oh nice, you come by to comment. Were your ears burning? *smile* Very impressive multi-boxing EQ2, that game is one of the more restricted games as far as macros go. I don't think I would have try it with LOTRO the whole environment is very restrictive - no mods and such, as you mentioned.

I wanted to do it with ROM even before my cousin convinced me back to WOW. Since ROM is free and I like the game it would have been a nice match up except...
1. Combat mechanics are flaky and unreliable which would be a huge headache in a multi situation
2. Macros are too free-form. It's a single press and the whole stream is off and running.
3. Client for all it's looking light like WOW it isn't. The game lags where it shouldn't, combat animations are out of sync with what you're doing which would make it much harder to know what the chars are doing and what they can execute next.

Stuff like that made me not even try boxing ROM. I'll post a few more details but don't have the time to dress it up with words but it will give people a better idea if they want to give it a go.


Make sure to do the new quests at Dustwallow Marsh, I think around level 35. Very refreshing replacement for the usual STV grind at that level.

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Solid - Thanks for the tip. I haven't seen any of those quests since I was long past leveling in that range by the time they were added.

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