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April 16, 2009



"Priests only have TWO direct damage spells. Rising Tide with a two-minute cast..."

Priest: "Hi tank, I'm just starting to cast rising tide - would you please pull the boss in about 1min 50secs?"

scnr :-)

Capn John

Heh heh. Yeah, I saw that, too. With that long of a cast time, Rising Tide must do hellacious damage ;)

I chose Knight as my Rogue's second class, but what I should have done first is what I've been doing the past week or so, that is testing different classes on Alts.

I'll do a write up on my own Blog soon, though, rather than make a Post-sized comment here ;)

Alysianah aka Saylah

That's what I did too which makes the changes they made suck all the more because I was careful about the selection of the secondary knowing it could not be changed.

I rolled Knight, Mage, Priest and Scout to level 10. I immediately ruled out the Knight which was my first choice because his DPS was so dang low and slow. Coupled with the Priest slow casts it was freakin' torture.

I hated the asthestics of the Scout and the Mage was only meh. When I tried the Warrior it was good and combined with the priest to be Battle Monk, hellafun.


if you really don't like the class, 33 isn't too late to reroll. it doesn't really make sense to me how you intend to level something you don't want to play.

i had a p/w at 26/25 but gave up on it some time ago. if you like the priest i can recommend p/s, that's probably the best priest soloer now and one of the best healers. i also play k/m, which is fun but not a very strong build. with the game balance the way it is, i'd actually not suggest anyone to play anything but priest or mage right now. :/


Re: rising tide... It's not 2 minutes but the exaggeration sure makes the point. It certainly seems like 2 minutes when you are watching the mobs coming at you. Hey did I mention what a great blog you got going here? Oh I guess I just did.

Alysianah aka Saylah

@ Schmendrik - I meant 2 seconds. Doh. LOL

@Erig - I'm not one to roll a lot of toons and the replay-ability of the ROM content isn't exciting enough that I'd want to do it a third time which is why I want to wait and see the two new classes first.

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