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December 03, 2008



I totally agree with you. If you're going to have classes in a PvP game, let it be a class you can choose at the beginning of a battle. Having to spend months restarting and releveling just to fill a need in your warband is just silly.

Alysianah aka Saylah

Not sure selection at that level would be fun since there's no character progression, development of skill and influence of selected play style based on spec. That sounds more like a lobby PVP game. And I guess gear would need to be generic like GW? But it has worked for GW. Hmm, It's been forever since I started a class in GW but isn't that game more mix and match almost anything you want to make your class? Elemental Mezmer, NecroMezmer, etc?

Winged Nazgul

I am for any and all changes that will make Sorcerers reroll.

Alysianah aka Saylah

You're mean!


I love the idea of no classes, I have always been a fan of that I have just never seen it implemented well in a Fantasy MMO. Though even being completely skill based does not mean there will not be cries for nerfing/boosting. The EVE online boards are filled with tears over ships being over/underpowered or certain play styles being too powerful. Whining is the one universal truth in MMOs.


LOL I like that line, "whining is one of the universal truths". I go to the EVE forums but mostly for research. When anyone can train any skill and by doing so fly any ship what is the main thrust of the tears??? Just curious.

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