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October 19, 2007



As an avid sims fan, I've just gotta say, wow. That sounds like a really nice / fun gift. If it manages to take off, you'll have to let me see!


I played the original sims for about a month or so when it first came out. I became bored with it however, especially considering I have my own "virtual life" to manage :)

On the MMO front, I have officialy quit WoW for good. I have become completely burned out on it. Most of the people I actually liked on there have been long gone as well, so I have cancelled again and said goodbye. No reason to play anymore at lvl 70 if you don't raid. I am investigating other MMO's, namely Star Wars Galaxies and Everquest 2. I have heard good things about EQ2 so I am going to try the trial first. The same cannot be said for Galaxies, as it has been nerfed numerous times and the reviews I have read are not favorable. I am still going to try it out though, mostly cuz I have no other games to really play online and I grew up with the Star Wars universe. I am looking forward to Age of Conan, and I have even considered Hellgate London but not sure yet. I have been playing Doom 3 lately (not online), but find it rater uninspiring. Half-Life is better. Keep the blogs coming Saylah, you give me hope!!


I think this is a great way to spoil yourself for christmas. If I had the money, I would definately hire some custom content creators to make me something unique.
About this hood project though, could you be more specific of what exactly it is that you're asking? I love to build houses and design neighborhoods but I don't quite understand what you're looking for.

One of the designers from Sims Connection is going to do something WOW inspired. Current thoughts are a Booty Bay, Lakeshire or Westfall theme where the major focus is an Azeroth-type tavern as a home business.

I'll just wait for that to finish and be posted on their site. In the meantime, I've downloaded a shit load of medieval content and am doing an entire neighborhood where I populate the entire zone with castles, keeps and appropriately dressed Sims.

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