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July 09, 2007



Gotta agree with you. Forums are an ideal place for info, announcements, and so on. Like you said, they're a pain in the ass, but these days they're both expected and necessary. Part of the cost of doing business for a game company, really.


Having never heard of Hellgate London, I took a looksie at their website. I have no idea what kind of game it is (FPS, RPG?). The site gives useless info about the game, and I actually feel dumber after having looked at the drivel they put on the site. I agree with you Saylah......

Give us something more than pretty pictures and useless info. Just my humble opinion.


Hellgate and Huxley have been on my distant radar for a while. Huxley as you can see is linked on "My Radar" of games I'm watching. HL wasn't linked because I wasn't sure it was going to be a fit for me. Many months ago I liked what I heard and figured I'd check it out occassionaly to see how it was shaping up.

The other day I read that it was in closed alpha so I thought it would be a good time to check in again. I hate hearing about game so far out. I know the dev companies need the buzz and interest, but it's like baiting me with chocolate and after you have me salavating telling me to come back next year. Anyway, I went to see the classes and was happy to see a caster in this clearly sci-fi game, which made me want to know more.

I went to find the forums and saw just a list of fan sites. I noticed a sign-up form and figured the forums must be for registered users only, so I registered. I wasn't happy to find out that there was nothing more available as far as forums other than surfing the linked sites.

I clicked a few and saw lots of adds, some of them gold selling ones and got pissed. I'm not going to work to find out about this game so buhbye HL.


Have you seen the trailer for Age of Conan yet? I just watched it and have mixed emotions. It looks pretty cool, but they dont show any actual gameplay, all that is shown is cinematics. I want another good MMO to come out but can't bear the thought of another LOTRO, uninspired and boring. What are your thoughts?


MOG Army is still all agog for Conan. Me, not so much. I'm not sure if the overall environment will be inspiring for my brand of fantasy. I'm not a fan of the books or the movies, so it's just another IP to me. Given that, I don't have any huge desire to play it.

I have read that using spells will be rather unique in that you can combine certain aspects of the skill to create custom spells. I love being a caster so that sounds a bit interesting. I also noticed the lack of game-play footage and the little I did see, looked too simplistic ala hack and slash.

I'm not downing the game because I haven't followed it closely. Once it's released I'll dig into it a bit more.


I prefer independent forums over official ones most of the time due to the fact that official forums are usually heavily moderated for PR reasons. Thus certain information, like actual community and economic details of a server, are usually unreliable and one-sided.

I do however, agree that developer communication with the public is essential just like you mentioned, how are we suppose to decide to buy it or not if we can't find any info on it.


Hellgate London? Ha! I tought you was talking about Ultima Online.
They closed the official forums many years ago, basically giving the responsability of it to the Stratics people.


My experience points otherwise. Community run forums allow for a diversity of perspectives, and don't carry the same overt censorship that inhouse forums have. Also, they don't suffer an economic incentive to tolerate whiners on most independent sites.

Official forums start bad and just get worse. The massive personnel overhead and general headache associated with official forums just makes longtime and otherwise passionate employees gradually distance themselves from the community.

Look at EVE-Online forums if you don't agree. Where once the freedom-loving community and developers were a fairly tight-knit entity, now you have only rags of a community dispersed to pockets carved out by stalwarts. What remains is an isolated game company pandering to an ever growing whiny horde of slavering PVEer subscriber base, with whom they only communicate at arm's length through "community managers."

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