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June 11, 2007



That is the problem however is that WoW is simple, and doesnt really deliver a complete experience. People fall back on it as convinience, they think its the only thing out there. Have you triued EQ2 lately?? It's a solid, deeper game with a more mature community. And more good expansions are on the horizon. WoW is too simple, and I think people play it because they get lazy in trying other games and just settle. Kind of like that boyfriend/girlfriend you always break up with then run back to when your drunk and want a good time. It really is not that deep however. I just hate to see people give up and go back to that game then have Blizzard spout off about their sbuscription numbers.


Yes, I went back to EQ2 of EoF - a very fine expansion. There is so much that I do like about EQ2, and have mentioned it often enough on my blog. But there is a level of excitement missing from EQ2 - some level of the thrill factor.

My explanation of it before is that is much less heroic a feeling than WOW delivers, and until WOW I didn't realize that that emotion was part of what I liked about MMOs. Having come from AC2, where you were heroic, I guess I just took it for granted.

EQ2 is a more even paced game, delivering a measured experience. I guess I need the fanfare and excitment, similar to AC2 and WOW. For now I think the next game for me that will deliver that type of game is going to be WAR.

I enjoy everything about EQ2 but for me, it always felt a bit hollow, lonely and the pace is just too slow.

Sencer Destan

" I fiddled with the interface for a few minutes trying to move the thing into view, until I got really aggravated and decided to just give up. "

you made my day, heh. I can perfectly understand you and agree with you, If I can not interact with game, its interface, that game is over for me. And most asian games are like that.

Go, check burningsea.com , a closed beta ( as wide as open ) will be opened at the end of June.


Mmm... Pirates. I'm praying my invite comes in the next couple weeks. That's one game that might really suck me away from LoTRO.

Justin Miller

I have been playing this game for the last couple of days, I can tell you I almost gave up on it like you did. till I figure out just by setting the games resolution to max fixes all the interface glitches. after that the game has done nothing but get more interesting with each new character class I unlock from doing quest lines. I have hated ever Korean game I have ever played, but I like this game.
I just hope they fix all the bugs and crap before it goes retail.

I can't get past that you control 4 people at once. That is too video gamey for my tastes (yes I know they are all video games, but some things really drive the point home.) When I play a toon, I like to feel its my avatar in the virtual world. Controlling 4 bots just feels like a RTS game.


I actually did the same thing as you, logged out at the port town after finally getting through the tutorial on the boat.

The next day I logged in because I had nothing better to do and I really wanted to see how the combat system worked. I'm so glad I did. First you'll need to fix your view mode. Make sure you're playing full screen. At the laucher there is a box on the bottom left corner that has windowed mode checked off by default. This makes everything better. I'm still trying to figure out how to remap the hotkeys as Alt+Z for local map is ridiculous and I just want to hit M.

Point and click is a little annoying at first until you realize that this is more like Warcraft 3 than World of Warcraft. A direct comparison would be Rexxors campaign. Even the movement controls resemble a RTS as where you can tell your team of 3 heroes to move to a point, attacking everything in their path, to guard a point, or to harvest all loot on the ground. Speaking of guard a point... this combat option itself releaves the entire "grind". You can actually AFK level since spawning rates are insanely high. The downside is that you won't get any loot since charaters exit harvest mode and go back to guard once all loot currently on the ground is gone. Even so, I haven't found the need to do this as I've been constantly on quests.


Hmm, sounds interesting and Brent from VW liked it well enough. But if I get really bored, Sony has a promotion going to old customers with free play until October!!


Mmm. I've been playing Sword for a few days now and am totally addicted. I agree with you about the clicking, though. Gets a little annoying from time to time. I'd recommend Ryzom (www.ryzom.com) if you're looking for a new MMORPG. It's got great graphics, a good story line, and a mature player base. I had a lot of fun wearing the trial out. The trial isn't timed- it just restricts where you can go and what you can do.

mage leveling guide

Have you already Warhammer Online? When it was published it had performance issues but now it works quite well... refreshing PvP based combat, but as with every MMORPG it gets dull after a while...

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