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January 03, 2007



Heh, I figured this would work its way to me eventually. I'll ponder this at work tomorrow.

And, I love Bush too, but it has nothing to do with Gavin's looks. Like his voice plenty though. Have you heard his new project? It sounds just like Bush. So you still get your fix. The band is called Institute. Maybe I'll slip some in on the podcast this week...


Oh crap...now I've got to write :)

I'll think about it today and give a go. Sounds like a hoot.


Wow...that was quick. That came easier than I thought. Done and done.


Haha the curse spreads. I think soon every MMO blogger in the world will have done this.

On a side note you've turned me on to a new fantasy author I really hadn't heard of before, Stephen Donaldson. Apparently a lot of his work was inspired by Roger Zalazny's Amber series which is probably the best fiction I have ever read.


Hmmm I've been tagged *squeels* ballet eh, that one was one I wouldn't have guessed ;)


Hey, and boo for double enteries! Not sure what's up with that feel free to delete!


It's not only MMOG bloggers who've been tagged. Other games bloggers have been infected, too. :-P


How cool - I'm currently re-reading the Unbeliever novels by Stephen R. Donaldson. Haven't read them in, uh, 25+ years and find they are even better as an adult. Try those out if you never read them; they feature an Anti-Hero in Covenant, and a rich fantasy world.


Did you also happen to teach MS courses for a while? I had an instructor who both wrote books and taught classes. Would be interesting to know.


Drinkitt - Yes, I did teach for several years when I was running my own consultancy. *Hair stands up on back of neck* What part of the country did you take training in? Which MS products? If it was software dev courses then this is suddenly Six Degrees of Separation scary. :-)


MrrX - I started the Unbeliever twice and couldn't get into it. Maybe I'll try again. I was very disappointed because I A-D-0-R-E Donaldson. I've been hoping that he'd do a third book for Mordant's need but now that it's been like 10+ years, I guess he's not.

I read somewhere that many of his novels can be found as short stories before he worked them into larger manuscripts. In particular, The Mirror of Her Dreams was done this way. I've searched a few times but have never found any collection of his with something that seems like a ss version of Mirror. I war particularly intested in seeing what form the story took in its shorter version as I'm still trying to decide short stories or novella/novel length.


Brent - Thanks for the tip. Will check out his new project. But I have to wonder if lightening can really strike twice. He's amazing and the songs were mostly his but there's no telling if the chemistry will be quite the same with another band. Still, it's better than nothing.


Relm - I just recently bought The Book of Amber, which is the entire series. I'm more than half way through book one. I'm really enjoying it but I don't have as much time to read as I'd like. I mean - well, I could play less but that's not an option. ;-) I looked but unfortunately, this isn't available on audio so I can get through the story quickly. I'll have to take it with me on my road trip in a couple of weeks. I always do my best reading out of town where there are fewer distractions and late night temptations.


Thanks for the tip! :)
I have added your link on my blog and I hope it is ok. If you like my blog please feel free to reciprocate!
Find it at http://worldofwarcraftguru.blogspot.com/
Keep up the good work!



I took some MS training, west coast. Not sure if it was NT or Win2k. Did you write a book on one of those subjects?


Yep, WinNT, VB, VC++. But I only taught on the west coast a few times. Most of my clients were SEast and MWest. Still ya never know. ;-)


I'm cleaning my bookshelf and tossing one of your guides away. I won't give away the title, but I'm betting your initials (at least as an author) are L.D.
amirite? :)


Nope, wrong initials.


Aw.. :(

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