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December 05, 2006



Darn you! Don't tempt me! WoW has taken up enough of my time without my getting tempted by sims. Hmm. Wonder if they have a mac client...


I know, I know. It crosses my mind ever so often that I should play it. But I've become to accustomed to MMOs and interacting with others and sharing experiences. That even seems odd to me, given that I solo most of the time. If there was a legal way of setting up private shards for friends, I would do it. AND I'd be willing to expend a nice chunk of money to do it, that's how much I loved The Sims. :-)

EA needs to just let it go Opensource or something and let people do their own thing. I think they're only keeping it alive so that they don't have a failed Sims product and because they are working with WW or Spores.

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