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November 30, 2006



My first character to 70? That's a tough one.

I'm not too sure it'll be my level 60 Shaman. Sounds like the "viable" PvP build is the Resto one. Talk about gimped trying to level up solo. Or I just go all out Enhancement and not worry about PvP and Raiding. Raiding's not really in the picture anyway. But to lose out on the PvP sets?

My 60 Warrior? Warrior. What's it good for-ior? Ab-so-lute-ly nothing. Read a beta test forums post by a level 70 tank talking about tanking in the Beta. And being a good tank is important even on world mobs in the Outlands. Seems Druids and Paladins make better tanks. And rage "normalization" (read "nerf") is supposedly kicking the PvPers butts. So... not sure.

My 57 Hunter? I've seen soooooo many hunter bots with pets named "Cat" or "Boar" that I'm ashamed of the class. Duskwood is swarming with new bots as the gold farmers level themselves up again on new accounts.

My 45 Rogue? Mmmmm....

My 38 Druid? Flight Form! Mangle? Hmmmm.

My 30 Pally? Avenging Wrath! Crusader Strike! That Captain America Shield Throw thingy.

Regardless, I'll be lucky to be able to PUG the new 5-mans. I barely can get into any of the current end-game ones now. Never seems to work out timewise. And no raiding at all.

Tier 5? I don't even have access to Tier 1 anymore. That ship's sailed and I'm not on it.

Frankly I have no burning desire to reach 70, because once I reach 70 I'll be so outclassed by clothies in Tier 5 with hardcore raiding and pvp gear and equipment, it'll be like sheep to the slaughter. Baaa humbug to that noise.

My Blood Elf mage, if he gets past level 16 will be my highest mage ever. And I know the Shaman class.

I love living in Azeroth. It's still supplying oxygen to my freetime hours.


Hi Kinless, for me it's not getting to 70 so much as which toon do I take to the new content, as it's very doubtful that both will visit Outlands. Reading your post makes me reconsider the Warlock because she's in full epics now thanks to my son who's a raid and loot whore picking her up when he got tired of his Hunter and Pally. He got her the the three T2 set pieces I was missing plus replaced all of her trinkets, main-hand and off-hand with a variety of epics. She has more gear than I know what to do with. :-)

My priest on the other hand is in tailored Blues and not an epic in sight. If I start right away, I can get her in PVP gear which is all I really want and fill out the rest with 5-man drops along the way. But she definitely won't be a force to be reckoned with when it comes to gear. :-/

Cap'n John

My Hunter has his Tier 0 set, with the Tier 1 Gloves and Tier 2 Helm. Weaponwise he's wielding Lord Alexander's Battleaxe and carries the almost obligatory Dwarven Hand Cannon, after all, he is a Dwarf ;) I'll have absolutely no issues with dumping my Tier 0 gear in favor of better Greens and Blues from the Outlands. My only other character that I can currently see taking to 60 is my Gnome Warlock, and he'll probably go on to 70 as well simply because I doubt I'll do many of the 60 Instances to get his Tier 0 gear :P


ok well who is the "poster" of this is it Saylah or Kinless?


ok well besides that what is the best twinking class? At first i thought rouges now i think paladins and im sorta lost but i really want a warlock and i really think there are just so awesome ok well i yea plz help!


Rogues are really good for PVP and I've run across more than my fair share of twinked ones in WSG. They don't stand out as being quite as special in AV where there are masses of people. They might sneak up on someone but there are so many others around that they're vulnerable at that point of someone getting them.

Warlocks are hot and I have a special bias because my first character was a Warlock. They are very powerful and have a very flexible playing style and always welcome in a group. Can't say that about Rogues. So if you want to level one be in a good guild. Sometimes its hard for Rogues and Hunters to get into groups because there are so many of them and groups will generally only take 1.

If you're doing to do that level 19 Twink bracket then I would say Rogue. Warlocks to become really uber until much higher levels.


ok well what would you say is a good spec for a hunter??? at level 48???

Capn John

It all depends what that lvl 48 Hunter is doing. If you're Solo-grinding or doing the occasional Instance I recommend the BM tree almost all the way. If you're into the PvP scene then I recommend the Survival tree.

I'm not positive about the other classes but from my experience re: Hunters, Warriors, Priests and Warlocks, each of the three trees is designed for a specific purpose. One tree will make you better suited to solo-grind, one tree will spec you to best help out a group in an Instance, and the third is the PvP tree.


Capn is right. BM works great for solo leveling and the occassional group, whereas PVP you need survival.


ok well one quick question... what would be the best spec for a paladin (the quickest for leveling of corse, and the best for end game?)


to lvl, i vote ret, but if u have gear with intell boosts, then go holy, cuz overall it does more damage but it eats mana like a B****. Endgame, if u raid, ull be holy, end of story, cuz guilds are stupid and wont even consider a tank or melee pally. If u go pvp, then go 11 ret (for SoC) and then prot at least through reckoning, then ull be set

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