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April 18, 2006



Try disabling post-processing effects to disable bloom. Caveat: I haven't played GW for eight months.


I never had a problem with the graphics or landscapes in GW, in fact, I thought they where very well done. It was the interactivity in the environment that I had a problem with. A player couldn't even traverse slightly angled slopes. It felt confined, lonley, and left much to be desired in terms of "immersiveness".

The site looks better everytime I come here. I think something is up with the homepage though - but it may be on my side. I freeze everytime it tries to fully load, so I had to jump right into the comments.


Hi Chris - thanks for the suggestion. I'd love to turn that halo effect off.
Hi Bandit - You're right, the fact that your movement is so constrained makes the game feel too linear. I'd forgotten all about that. I hate not being able to jump off the side of things. Thanks for the compliment on the site! :-)

michael jones

I like that game and my favourite is Halo 3! I am so happy that it is for Xbox

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